StandStand is the standing desk you can take with you

By January 12, 2015

LAS VEGAS — You love your standing desk! You wish you could take that vertical workspace with you, getting those ergonomic benefits and statuesque feeling wherever and whenever you choose to be productive.

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I need one of these, how about you?


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10 Social Media Habits to Get You Better Results This Year

By January 9, 2015

There is always room for improvement to get better results. This list of tips is not your typical advice, but that’s good. These are things you may not think about but can provide a good boost to your social media results.

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The Real Evolution of Social Business

By December 5, 2013

State of Social BusinessSocial media, social engagement, social content, social, social, social. Sometimes it seems that social is getting in its own way and hampering full organizational adoption in business. Many business leaders are beginning to get beyond thinking of social as a technology movement and now understanding that it’s a matter of collaboration, transparency and communication. Businesses that see the value in enriching relationships with employees and customers are creating strategies for evolving into a more social business.

Last month, Charlene Li and Brian Solis published their latest Altimeter Group report, “The State of Social Business 2013.” In their research, they were surprised that businesses were still unsure of the role social media played enterprise-wide, beyond marketing and communications. Many, they found, were limited in scope and not universal in engagement with customers, employees, suppliers, partners, community, et al. Specifically, they learned that…

  • Only half (52%) of companies say that their executives are informed, engaged, and aligned with the enterprise social strategy
  • A mere 26% of organizations self-describe as being “holistic” in their social media approach, where business functions operate against an enterprise-level vision and strategy
  • Just 17% of organizations self-described as being truly “strategic” in the execution of their social strategies

This month they are releasing the data charts from the latest report, plus additional material, to help strategists learn how to amplify or accelerate their social business strategy. I’m providing them here because I want you to use them to educate your business leaders, clients, students, etc. The charts are available as stand-alone images on Flickr or as a complete deck via Slideshare. This information is made available freely as part of Altimeter’s open research program. You are free to use the images or slides at work, in posts, on stage, or whichever way that helps you make a point or case.

Along with highlighting major issues (and opportunities) through this survey data, the presentation includes perspectives and inspirational quotes from executives and strategists at Sephora, Adobe, ARAMARK, Ford, Fidelity, Royal Dutch Shell, Wells Fargo among others.



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Facebook Announces Video for Instagram

By June 20, 2013

Kevin Systrom, Instagram Founder

Facebook announced today what has been circulating the rumor mill in recent days: that Instagram is adding a video feature to its popular Instagram photo-sharing social network.

In keeping with the Instagram brand of making photos simple and beautiful, Instagram Video seeks to make video capturing and sharing just as easy. It will have several new features you’re sure to love:

  • 15-second video clips (in contrast to Twitter’s Vine 6-second limit) Why 15 seconds? “Not too long to upload on mobile, but not too short to get the story you want.”
  • The ability to edit out or replace bad shots from of the clip
  • 13 creative filters for video (much like the filters for Instagram photos)
  • Post the clips directly to your feed and they show up just like the photos do
  • Available for iPhone and Android – sorry Windows phone users, not for you yet
  • “It plays once. It doesn’t loop. It doesn’t get in the way” (another contrast to Vine)
  • And here’s the kicker: “Cinema” – the feature lets you clean up shaky videos

The announcement was made by Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s co-founder, at Facebook headquarters.

Have you tried it yet? Will you use it? Will it kill Twitter’s Vine video app? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment…


photo mode

video mode

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The Best of 2013 Future & Trends Reports

By December 6, 2012

I’m always looking for facts and stats and anecdotes to fill my head or a  presentation with something other that hype.  I like to figure out not just what’s happening or what’s trending but why or how is it occurring. Only then can I truly capitalize on early opportunities and perhaps get out ahead of the curve and lead the way.  As 2012 closes we’re inundated with 2012 recaps and 2013 previews. Most of them aren’t worth the time it takes to toss them in the trash. However, there are some reports that matter and for convenience I’ll be posting a short description with a  link to the few I think are worthy. I hope you find them valuable as well. Keep checking back because I’ll continue posting them over the next several weeks.   Or you can subscribe to the feed (note that the feed address will be something like -this is correct – its a long story and I’m short on time) Please also do me a favor and leave the URL and description of any good, relevant, and valuable prediction posts or reports for business, marketing or social media  in 2013.

My first entry is well worth the time to read it. In fact I’m going to buy the full copy ($2.99) as a reference throughout the year



Every year Rohit Bhargava, marketing expert and Amazon best selling author of Likeonomics,  publishes a trend report with the 15 biggest trends that will affect marketing and business for the coming year. He uses a good process to come up with them and I think they are important insights.

2012 Edition: 15 Business & Marketing Trends That Matter from Rohit Bhargava

You can purchase the book here. ($2.99) Note: It is an affiliate link. I set it up expressly to test the process. So if someone does buy the book using the link, I stand to gain about 12 cents.





HubSpot has compiled some of their “most insightful predictions — backed by several industry experts and thought leaders — into our new guide, 20 Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2013 & Beyond. ”  But before you can download the 20 Trends, they want you to read the teaser blog post with 8 of them. Maybe they ran out of large marketing funnels and they can only fit 8 in the small one? Regardless, with thought leaders like David Meerman Scott weighing in, this is some serious and solid content – or it wouldn’t be listed here, right? Right.

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