Facebook Announces Video for Instagram

By June 20, 2013

Kevin Systrom, Instagram Founder

Facebook announced today what has been circulating the rumor mill in recent days: that Instagram is adding a video feature to its popular Instagram photo-sharing social network.

In keeping with the Instagram brand of making photos simple and beautiful, Instagram Video seeks to make video capturing and sharing just as easy. It will have several new features you’re sure to love:

  • 15-second video clips (in contrast to Twitter’s Vine 6-second limit) Why 15 seconds? “Not too long to upload on mobile, but not too short to get the story you want.”
  • The ability to edit out or replace bad shots from of the clip
  • 13 creative filters for video (much like the filters for Instagram photos)
  • Post the clips directly to your feed and they show up just like the photos do
  • Available for iPhone and Android – sorry Windows phone users, not for you yet
  • “It plays once. It doesn’t loop. It doesn’t get in the way” (another contrast to Vine)
  • And here’s the kicker: “Cinema” – the feature lets you clean up shaky videos

The announcement was made by Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s co-founder, at Facebook headquarters.

Have you tried it yet? Will you use it? Will it kill Twitter’s Vine video app? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment…


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Jeff Solomon June 20, 2013

I will try it for sure. I agree with the longer video time allowance.

sschablow June 24, 2013

Jeff, thanks for the comment. Jimmy Fallon had a funny skit on the other night of people using Instagram video for the first time. Each person finished the content/action in the video in the 6 seconds they were used to using in Vine and then just stood in front of the camera waiting for it to stop recording at 15 seconds. Hilarious.

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