Engaging Company Websites More Effective Than Investing In Social Media

By August 1, 2012

A new study by Get Satisfaction validates what my real-world business experience has told me all along: make sure your web site is worthy before you drive traffic to it. Often my initial advice to a company wanting to launch their social media presence is STOP!  Don’t jump in without some solid business goals, and more importantly, GET YOUR COMPANY WEB SITE IN ORDER FIRST.  Perhaps it’s best summed up with this quote from the findings:

“Consumers don’t want brand relationships to be a part of their open social networks; instead, they want company Websites to be more like their experiences with open social networks.”

Have you performed a web site check up on your web site to see how it stacks up today’s expectations for social business?  If you haven’t touched your web site in several years, it’s time for an evaluation and an update (and I’d love to help you with that).

The survey gathered responses from 1,897 qualified consumers who actively use the Internet and represent adults from all age, socio-economic and geographic groups in the U.S.

The full article on www.techjournal.org contains a link to the full survey results. on

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