Shell’s “Let’s Go! Arctic” Social Media Campaign Is Fake

By June 14, 2012

A social media attack is being launched against the Shell Oil brand in the form of what appears to be an actual social media campaign. The “Let’s Go! Arctic” campaign is hosted at and looks like a corporate informational site created in preparation for Arctic drilling. Until you look a little closer where the copy claims that:

“…the Obama administration…granted Shell unrivaled access to drill the vast snowy wastes of the North.” and ” We at Shell want everyone to feel as “pumped” as we do about freeing much-needed Arctic resources.”

Then there’s the ad generator, responsible for the ad above and over 4,000 more that are as critical of Shell. Each ad in the gallery has a set of social media share buttons to make it easy to pass it along.  And there is a guestbook/idea book that visitors find hard to believe.  But if you’re still in doubt whether this is a faux site or not, visit the kids page for the Angry Bergs game where you must destroy all that nasty ice and save the oil rig. These fake attacks must be a corporate communications nightmare. The site doesn’t list who is responsible but they’ve put some effort into creating a realistic look and feel to the site. And for those who are a bit dubious but like to do a little investigation, there is content in the navigation sections above and below the gallery Go Social button on the left. The @arcticready Twitter account had few followers as of this writing, but that will likely increase Thursday.

What do you think about attack campaigns like this? Do you think it harms the brand or does the ill will vanish when the fake is revealed? Now pretend it’s about your brand. Does your opinion change?

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