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By February 8, 2012

I’m beginning an experiment of sorts, by posting the following first Kwik Hit style post – an in depth look at a topic through curated links to quality content. While I say this is a departure from what I usually due, that’s only partially true. I started this blog by posting quick reviews and posts about upcoming or soon-to-be-popular services, software, tech and online marketing trends. It was a way to keep my digital team and our clients up to date about what to pay attention to and what’s just hype.  People read the content regularly as their digital marketing digest – a one stop shop for information to keep ahead of the curve.

As I transitioned into longer form content, I typically would digest the top posts and articles on a topic and then write my own analysis. As my time became more in demand, the frequency and consistency of my posts suffered.  So I’m going back to what worked; at least as a base level of content.

So if you get a chance to review any of the Kwik Hits, please leave a comment with your thoughts or additional good links. If you like what you see, pass it along to others. If you don’t, then tell me why in a comment or an email to scottschablow at gmail dot com.

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