Google Piloting Authorship Markup in Web Search

By June 29, 2011

Google has begun its pilot program (announced a couple of weeks ago) to start highlighting the authors creating web content in search results. Its Google’s way of identifying, verifying and then highlighting high-quality content. They say the logic behind the move is that the web is people-centric and that “people discovering content on the web often want to learn more about its author, see other content by that author, and even interact with the author.” As you can see from the example the author’s profile picture and name appears to the right of the search results.

Google Authorship Example

The new feature will identify quality content if you are familiar with the author. Will content farms be able to game the system? What implications do you think this will have for search users and for content providers?

Resource notes:

Google’s blog post about the pilot program.

How to participate in Google’s new Authorship markup program.


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Cathy July 1, 2011

Sounds like Google is trying to give preference to established authors like they give preference to established brands in the SERPs. It can only help clean up the SERPs but make it even harder for fledgling authors to get noticed.

sschablow July 5, 2011

Thanks for the comment Cathy. I think you’re correct on both counts. While better SERPs are good for the searcher, it will kill any new authors chances of breaking out through organic search.

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