Presentation Tip #140: Make it Tweet-Worthy

By May 3, 2011

I was listening to Mack Collier (@MackCollier on Twitter) presenting to a social media group in Birmingham on the subject of How to Handle Negative Comments (follow the link to the slideshare presentation). I was following the hashtag (#alsocme) on twitter (using the HootSuite client) and I thought of an important tip when giving a presentation to media savvy audiences. I noticed that when someone in the audience would turn a good phrase into a tweet, that message would get retweeted by many in the room. Those not so eloquent did not get many retweets.

As a presenter you want to get tweeted and re-tweeted. The best way to facilitate that is to spoon feed the audience with a Tweet-worthy message. Something akin to the 10 second sound bites that politicians use to drive home their point.  So, for each presentation select about three key points you want to get across and craft them in Tweet-friendly style and length (about 120 characters to allow for the tweeter’s username).  One popular example from today’s presentation was:

RT @griner: When companies respond to negative comments, 33% of customers follow up w/ positive review. -@MackCollier #ALSocMe

In this instance, an interesting factoid caught the attention of the audience, but it doesn’t have to be fact-based. Opinions and quotes can be Tweet-worthy as well.  Next time you’re viewing a presentation’s hashtag search results conduct some research of your own and then see what you can add to your next presentation. I’ll retweet if for you!

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mack collier May 4, 2011

Hey Scott thanks for the mention! After live-tweeting sessions for a while, you begin to pick up on what type of information gets re-tweeted. So I always try to work in a few small examples that can be shared so everyone that isn’t at the event can follow along.

Good to see you again yesterday!

sschablow May 4, 2011

Mack, It was great to see you as well. Another fine example of how thinking of serving your audience/customer can pay back benefits to you as well. We must get you back here soon!

Wade Kwon May 9, 2011

Scott, thanks for sharing this tip from last week’s meeting. Glad you could be there.

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