7 Types of Social Data That Help You Understand Consumers

By February 2, 2011

I attended the 2nd of an 11-part webinar series today (Eleven Social Media Tips for 2011) sponsored by NetBase. I don’t attend that many webinars any more unless I can be assured it will be intermediate to advanced information.  I thought that was the case for today’s session headed by strategist/analyst/insightful professional Jeremiah Owyang.  I really liked the fact that he polled the audience with specific questions to gauge  the overall level of social media use so he could tailor the presentation.


He discussed the 7 distinct types of social data available and how they can be used to better understand your customers. The first tier held the most familiar and prevalently used data types: Demographic and Product; then Psychographic, Behavioral and Referrals; ending with Location and Intention data. A quick poll of the audience showed that in terms of what marketers are currently using, his order was correct.

While I’m tempted to walk you through each of the 7 types, I’ll resist and suggest that you instead watch the presentation (check back if archive link is not posted yet). There’s no point in me rehashing Jeremiah’s good points. I will say that there are some practical examples/case study overviews that help bring clarity to the concepts.

What’s the takeaway? You NEED to be familiar with each of these data types, what they measure or show you, and how you can use them to improve your results. It’s a great way to get a leg up on your competition and to help your organization or client understand the value your analysis brings to the table.

What I got out of it was a better way to categorize the data types that I already deal with. That will help me to draw better insights and to better explain my thoughts to others.

Next week I may write my own commentary on each of (or some of) the 7 types to provide a bit more advanced thinking on the subject.

Meanwhile, please take a second to leave a comment here or tell me which of the data types you work with and how you use the information.

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Jeremiah Owyang February 5, 2011

Thanks for attending the webinar, agree, the modern day researcher must understand these types of data in order to benefit from all the data being offered.

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