Definitive Guide to Social Media Strategy Before Tactics

By April 26, 2010

I think for most people tactics are fun and strategy is boring. That’s the only way I can think to explain why so many people go straight for the shiny new objects (tactical tools) and then back into the strategy to explain it. You on the other hand, being the smart marketer that you are (you’re reading this, right?) know that it’s just smart business to come up with a strategy and a goal and THEN figure out what to use to get there.

I was excited to see Lee Odden’s post that bears the title above. What Lee did was ask over 40 of his A-list friends about the issue and then post their responses. BUT WAIT! Before you go running off (and I really do want you to read it) please look through a few of my favorite quotes from the piece, which include Guy Kawasaki’s contrarian advice: “Don’t focus on some kind of high-level strategy. . .”

So read through this, bookmark it, share with a friend and then leave a comment to tell me what you think. I’d love to create my own post of MY A-Listers – YOU!

Jessica Smith – JessicaNow
VP Digital and Global Co-Chair WOM Fleishman-Hillard

What it comes down to is asking the question ‘How do you define success?’. Tactics don’t answer that question. Strategy does.

Toby Bloomberg, Diva Marketing Blog
Strategy First helps you identify which are the best opportunities to put into play to achieve your goals. You do have goals? Oh, that’s another conversation.

Aaron Kahlow – Online Marketing Connect
CEO, Online Marketing Connect : Online Marketing Summit & Institute

Strategy before tactics on Social Media is equivalent to diving into a pool before looking to see if there is water let alone the depth to handle such.

Jay Baer
Founder, Convince & Convert

A “strategy” that is based on tactical execution isn’t a strategy at all, it’s a recipe for playing a constant game of catch up. The trick is to focus on how you’re going to be social, not where you’re going to do social media.

Julie Roehm
Marketing Strategy Consultant
Social media without strategy is like cooking without a recipe. Sometimes it works but sometimes its disaster.

David Alston – Community Instinct
VP Marketing & Community, Radian6

The C-Suite talks strategy, not tactics. And you are going to need their support if you even want ’social’ to take root in the soul of the enterprise.

Guy Kawasaki – Blog – Alltop Social Media
Don’t focus on some kind of high-level strategy because no one really knows how to use social media yet. Focus on tactics: Get more followers, make them happy, promote your stuff to them every once in a while. That’s all you need to know about strategy right now.

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Ryan Roenigk April 26, 2010

I think it’s helpful to make a distinction between having no social media strategy versus having no strategy at all.

Nietzsche wrote about the difference between “good versus bad” and “good versus evil.” The absence of a social media strategy may be “bad,” but the absence of a business strategy is “evil.”

If social media tactics should be built on a social media strategy, then it stands to reason that a social media strategy should be built on a business strategy. If the business strategy is lacking or non-existent, building a social media strategy upon it would be like building a house on sand.

Scott April 27, 2010

Ryan, That’s a very good point. I frequently see each of those situations. When I learn that a company is lacking in a well articulated business and marketing strategy, I raise the red flag and redirect their focus to rectifying that deficiency. I also find that many people have, at the very least, a rudimentary strategy in their head. It’s their internal point of reference, but without the commitment of writing it down they don’t benefit from staff feedback and executive buy-in.

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