Social Networks Put You At Center Stage For Inauguration

By January 20, 2009

Early reports from this morning’s inauguration indicate record-breaking Internet traffic for numerous social networks and video distribution sites. While, it has not been the heaviest traffic day across the Internet, but the day is not over yet. Before I give you the numbers, it’s worth mentioning that Live partnered with Facebook to create a fantastic user experience.


The interface had a live video window on the left and a live feed of the user’s Facebook status feed on the right. This enabled users to talk with their friends about what was happening on the live video feed. There was also a tab to view all users status posts. Many people were also concurrently posting comments in Twitter, the leading microblogging site. Based on the lively conversation, I’d say the Live and Facebook partnership was a huge hit. I thought Steve Garfield’s comment below summed it up nicely.

Steve Garfield


I assume that CNN was patrolling the status feed looking for interesting content. My friend C.C. Chapman was called by CNN to do a live interview this evening. I presume to discuss his video post about the CNN Facebook partnership. CC calls the interface a game changer for the Web and TV. I’m not sure it’s quite that groundbreaking, as Ustream has a similar setup chat + live stream. As CC says though, it’s nice to have your friends as a live discussion feed and not just public chatter.

Now, on to the numbers as of around Noon EST:

Facebook,  partnered with CNN for a live feed of “status”
•    As of 10:15 a.m. PT, 600,000 status messages set using the CNN app
•    Average of 4,000 Facebook status updates were set every minute during the inauguration
•    8,500 status messages set in those 60 seconds
•    Obama’s page on Facebook has more than 4 million fans and more than 500,000 wall posts
•    “Millions” of members logged in during the live broadcast

Akamai, content delivery network:
•    5.4 million visitors per minute to online news outlets

CNN, 6 a.m. ET, over 18.8 million live video streams
•    1.3 million concurrent streams just before Obama’s address

Mogulus, live-streaming video service
•    Powered online inauguration video streams for C-Span, USA Today
•    Broke Mogulus’ network record with 105,000 concurrent viewers, over 1 million visitors total

Hulu, Ustream, Joost, No streaming stats available

How did you watch the inauguration? Leave a comment and let me know.

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