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By January 11, 2008

From time-to-time I get random Twitter notices about new users following me. I almost always go look at the profile to try and understand what kind of person/account is following me. Sometimes they are large account (2000+ followed) whom I assume are just trying to rack up followers (looking for reciprocal following). Sometimes they’re even bots mechanically gathering followers for what ever reason. Occasionally they are individuals with only a few dozen people they are following. In these cases the mystery becomes “how do they know me” I can often sift though their followers list and find a common link.

Well, this morning I got a notice from gpshelp that took some more time to figure out (okay… not that much more time, but still). The user only has 6 posts, the oldest of which is only 17 hours. The users is only following 23 people, none of which I have a common link with and only one person following them. The 6 tweets are in a curious format, too. Each one is preceded by either Asking: or Reporting: and each contains a TinyURL-like link. They all point back to Satisfaction Unlimited ( which appears to be a. . . Customer Service Social Network? Each of the Asking: Tweets is a technical-support-like question about various makes and models for portable GPSs. But none of this sheds any light on why gpshelp is following me. Then I noticed there are 9 favorite posts, so I click to check itout. Low and behold, there was a Tweet I made on Tuesday wishing for GPS integration on the iPhone.

But that only partially solves the mystery. I know how they found me, but I’m still not sure why. My single GPS-related post doesn’t really make me a GPS maven (although if they knew me, I am kind-of a GPS geek). Was it just the timing of my message in relation to the kick-off of this “service”? And what is the service? I guess I’m intrigued because I myself have recently been discussing new ways to make Social Media, and Twitter specifically, a useful business tool.

Check it out for yourself and give me your thoughts.

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Bradjward January 15, 2008

Haha, I literally started following you 45 seconds ago, so you’ll have to tell me how you think I got to you. 😛

Ike January 25, 2008

It’s spam.

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Leanne Heller June 26, 2008

Heads up – I just started following you on Twitter, based on, after checking out your site and reading some of your posts.

What’s your favorite kind of GPS?

sschablow June 26, 2008

Hey you are the first comment on my new blog – sort of. Mostly older posts here. Working on new content now. Thanks for following on Twitter, I reciprocated and BTW I really like your blog. As for the GPS, that’s a tough question. They’re all good. I’ve had good luck with Garmin, but Magellan fans would object to that. What do I use now, I have a tiny Telenav receiver that connects to my ATT 8525 Windows Mobile phone via bluetooth. It gives me all the functionality of the other portable GPS units, without another (large) gadget.

Leanne Heller June 28, 2008

Thanks for the follow back & your comment re: my blog. New readers always appreciated! Nice summary of the twebinar – I enjoyed it – it was great to be part of the experiment, although I also hope that there is a way to consolidate the summize/twitter/twebinar video for the next two pieces. As to a GPS, I have a Mio, although have also had luck with a Garmin – your set up sounds pretty sweet, thanks for sharing.

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