Mobile Virtual World Unveils in Japan

By November 29, 2007

Recently launched in Japan, a new virtual world called Chipuya Town allows users to take their gaming on-the-go through the use of any Flash-enabled cell phone. Although it’s somewhat similar to popular virtual fictional world Second Life, it differs in that users create avatars which they use to walk around and interact with a virtual replicate of the real world (in this case Tokyo’s Shibuya shopping district).

Although membership to Chipuya Town is free, companies and marketers will have a major presence. Players will earn currency— called Grooves— by signing up friends, playing games and interacting with marketing materials such as promotional events, flyers and billboards. In turn, avatars will be able to purchase everything from apparel to home furnishings in virtual boutiques. We imagine that in the future this application will likely be hyperlinked to the real world, allowing participants to receive virtual coupons for the real world stores and giving them the ability to purchase real world products through their phones.

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