A Bad Case of Seesmic Fever

By November 26, 2007

I’ve been pretending since the private beta launch of Seesmic in October that I wasn’t dying for a private beta invitation to test the service. Well, I can no longer mask my obvious envy for those who’ve been granted access. If you haven’t heard (and you will) about Seesmic, it’s a new startup by Loic Le Meur, a well known European entrepreneur that recently relocated to San Francisco. It can best be described as Twitter video. The larger vision is for it to become an online video/television service where people interact around professional and user generated content. I’m very much into video. In my early career I was a TV journalist. In my current career I am in the planning stages of launching my own web video show. Seesmic would be the perfect outlet. Seems like I’ll have to wait like the rest of you (more than 5,000 on the list). For now, I’ll just admit my jealously every time I receive a link to a Seesmic video posted by one of my friends who snagged one of the first 300 invitations.

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Loic November 26, 2007

Here is a seesmic invite it is a one time use only so if somebody gets it first email me a blog at loiclemeur.com I will get you another one


thanks for your interest see you in Seesmic !

Scott Schablow November 26, 2007

I appreciate the invitation. I fear I may become the most loquacious Seesmic member (not user) in the fold. Thanks. I’ll be writing more about this on The SchaBlog.

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