Hulu peeks out from behind the curtain

By October 29, 2007

It’s still several months from officially launching, but Hulu, the long-awaited, oft-maligned, Hollywood-backed video site is finally being trod out in front of the media, and thus far the impressions have been fairly positive.

The site is actually eschewing the user-generated content approach for now (although users will able to embed/vote/comment on videos) to focus on studio-produced content. So even though the service was being considered a YouTube rival, its content will actually put it more in direct competition with premium content services like Itunes. However, its content currently is only viewable in a browser-based environment and is not portable/downloadable like Itunes content. It’ll be interesting to see if/when they make that critical jump.

The site will still be in private beta for several months, but its content is already being rolled out to partner sites at a rapid rate. AOL, MySpace, Yahoo . . . . pretty much all the big players except Google.

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