Facebooks apps ruled by a few

By October 8, 2007

TechCrunch had a quick summary on something I’ve often wondered about.

Facebook is definitely the hot site at the moment with a large and steadily growing userbase. Naturally advertisers and developers are flocking to it to try to promote their products. And given the weak performance of traditional advertising platforms on social media sites the development of ‘apps’ as a way to market yourself has increasingly been seen as a viable new alternative.

But what sort of traction are these apps seeing? Is there really broad-reaching usage across a wide range of apps? Or is this like many situations and the majority of usage is concentrated into a small, select group? Judging by these numbers it seems to be the latter.

That doesn’t mean there’s not value to be had if you’re not one of the top apps. If there’s anything search marketers will tell you, there can often be a lot of value in the long-tail. But it does show the need to plan accordingly, especially in how much you’re willing to allocate toward development. If you’re seeking to hit a very select target it could still be a worthwhile endeavor. But if you’re trying to go after something broader-reaching you definitely have a more daunting task ahead of you.

On a somewhat related note, it also points to the need for more standards for widget-like applications.

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