Yahoo Mash Hoping To Be The Next Facebook

By September 19, 2007

The rumors were true, Yahoo is creating a new social network called Mash. The service is a bit like My Yahoo and similar to Facebook. There are some differentiating features, but will they be enough to create a breakaway hit?

A Yahoo employee’s blog equates Mash to a social toy box. They are trying hard to make it fun (maybe trying too hard the comments link is ‘convo’). The most unique thing is that you can create a profile for your friend and then invite them to the pimped out space. The other fun aspect is that you can alter your friends profiles. This will either be a big hit or totally freak users out. You can change the privacy settings to prevent it, but the default let’s you Mash up your friends page. I had fun doing that to a friend today. He didn’t see the humor in it.

The modules include Flickr RSS, Ego Boost, Common Friends, MyMoshLog2, Blog Module (RSS 2.0), Asteroids, Astrology, PimpMyPet, Hover, Kaleidescope, Guestbook, and My Stuff. I read that there are others on the way. The Yahoo blogger says:

One of the more popular new Mash modules I made is called “Ego Boost”. It generates random compliments, like “Jim thinks that David is Awesome!” and put’s ‘em on the public wire, and generally gives everyone a swelled head. I’m also working on a toy so you can draw mustaches on your friends.

I found a module called Wheel of Lunch. You enter your zip code and it populates a Wheel of Fortune wheel with the names of local restaurants. Spin the wheel and see where you’re going. We’ll see what else emerges when they open the modules up to developers in a few weeks. Until the public launch you’ll need an invitation to join Yahoo Mash. If you’d like one just send me your email address and your first name to and I’ll get you started.

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