Has Robert Scoble Jumped the Shark?

By August 27, 2007

Scott Schablow Has Robert Scoble jumped the shark on this one? He posted a video that has inflamed the Search Engine Optimization community. Scoble predicts that Mahalo, Facebook & Techmeme are going to beat Google in search in 4 years. Comments from SEOmoz. Danny Sullivan drops the f-bomb. The whole thing is bizarre, especially since Scoble lists all the detractors in his blog post. I’d love for kbrowder to chime in on this (in a new post) since he is more knowledgeable than me on the subject. However, I know enough to find many of Robert’s comments strange at best.

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KeithB August 28, 2007

Scott, don’t make me lecture you on using Tinyurl when giving a positive reference to another site – at least on a blog or any other spiderable page. 😉

Tinyurl’s fine for passing along a link via email, text message or maybe even Twitter. But if you like the site and want to give them proper credit, link the full URL of the source – not the tinyurl.

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