Attending Gnomedex from my office in Birmingham.

By August 10, 2007

A short post about Gnomedex, the Blogosphere’s Conference, going on this weekend in Seattle. I’ve been able to attend many of the sessions from my office here in Birmingham, Alabama. The sessions are being streamed live on the Web at  The video is a bit choppy but I’ve been mostly pleased. Streaming video of a live event is not a big deal these days. What makes this special is that there is a chat room attached to the stream where any of the 300+ viewers can comment on the live presenter. Some conversations are valuable, some are irreverent (get the old fart off the stage), some lead to other information sources. The thread in the chat room is being projected on the screen for the live audience to see. While this is going on, I know several people that are in the room and they are giving live updates from Twitter (  So I am able to ask them questions via Twitter and have the presenter answer my question 2000 miles away. This totally closes the communication loop, in real time. That’s what’s so great about the way the Web is evolving: you can have a meaningful conversation with anyone, anywhere, any time.

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