Yahoo’s definitely in the news this week

By June 22, 2007

I guess Yahoo can’t complain about being in Google’s media shadow this week.

First there was the announcement that CEO Terry Semel will be replaced by one of Yahoo’s original founders, Jerry Yan.

Then there was the story that Yahoo and News Corp were in talks to sell MySpace to Yahoo in exchange for 25% ownership of Yahoo (which would put MySpace’s current valuation at around $12 billion.) That story is still floating around. Yahoo has also repeatedly pursued the rising social networks Facebook and Bebo. But at this point its looking like Facebook isn’t going to sell to anyone (including Google) and is instead looking to go it alone with its own IPO.

And the latest Yahoo news (which is definitely more rumor than news right now) has talks of Yahoo and Ebay looking to merge. They do have Google as a common rival. And Yahoo has partnered with Ebay to use PayPal as its preferred payment system for Yahoo payments to publishers on its ad network. But I’d still be surprised if this actually happens.

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