Catching a viral campaign in its early stages

By June 21, 2007

It’s not often we have a chance to see a viral campaign before it’s already (mostly) unfolded. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts when the host started talking about this odd piece of snail mail he’d received. All it said was:

You can watch the animation for the cryptic announcement of an apparent launch date (for either the product or the next phase of the campaign) which apparently is July 4. He also received another direct mail piece a short while later that created an origami llama. There’s also a couple links that apparently have gradually appeared over time within the flash file that are supposed to be clues.

Gauging by searches on Google, Yahoo and Technorati the buzz level appears to be either relatively low or so new that the spiders haven’t had a chance to crawl newer pages that might contain discussion of what the campaign might be about. The most likely answer is that the campaign (so far) hasn’t gained a lot of traction.

Given the host’s prominence within the tech community as well as the links to an RIAA-related article I’m assuming this is for a music-related product. Nullsoft’s Winamp software uses a llama as its icon. The fact that they have a poll on their home page asking about a paid P2P music service (sometimes anyway, they’re rotating several polls simultaneously) would definitely seem to tie-in with the article the viral site links to. So maybe an AOL-backed P2P paid music service with a new Winamp front end is in the offing? Guess we’ll know shortly.

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