Will It Blend?

By April 6, 2007

While I know “Will It Blend” has been out for a little while now, it came onto the national news stage last week in a special on ABC or CBS one…can’t really remember. It was amazing to see a company and its president take such a risk in online marketing with such a simple product as a blender. This, in my opinion, is a trend that you will see in 2007, a shift for companies to stop worrying about buzz words like “user generated content” and actually create user centered content. Content the user can relate to and connect to your product with. The president made the comment the fun part of this is the ownership people have taken in the idea, making comments like “that was my idea.” This is a new approach companies need to take, stop sitting back and waiting for users to generate content, instead generate content your users want.

The funny part about it when asked if this has really helped his business…he replied with a simple yes and then added in the hundreds of percents.

Check out some of the fun “Will It Blend” videos at the link above.

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