Microsoft acquisition of DoubleClick likely

By March 30, 2007

There’s been rumblings about this building up over the last couple weeks. It’s still not 100% definite but it’s starting to sound far more likely than not.

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Even if it’s not DoubleClick, it’ll still happen soon with a similar company – be it Atlas or Valueclick/Mediaplex. I honestly can’t help but wonder why it’s taken this long for major players like Microsoft and Google to finally get into the ad hosting business (beyond hosting for their own networks.) It’s a natural extension of their existing business model and opens both companies up to the advertising dollars that come with more branding-oriented advertising.

Google has supposedly been beta testing its own online ad hosting system. I fully expect their system (like most Google products) will be free in an attempt to gain and dominate marketshare. Assuming Google’s solution is free, it’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft makes their acquired system (which previously cost a considerable amount) free or if they try to stick with a paid service. Assuming Google’s solution is worthwhile, it would be a risky move to try and maintain a paid service model.

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