Is Google Too Powerful?

By March 30, 2007

I’ve seen this question posed (and pondered it myself) a multitude of times which explains my intense love/hate relationship with the company. This article does a great job of highlighting the broader potential concerns a lot of people have.

Business Week: Is Google Too Powerful?

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Scott Schablow March 30, 2007

This quote sums up my feelings: “The company. . . has a commanding position solely because users and customers like Google’s services, not because they’re forced to use them.” They serve at the pleasure of their users. While they may have more control over more than we’re comfortable with, they could be tumbled instantly by their user base. If everyone turned their back on Google tomorrow, their market cap would plummet faster than the President’s approval rating.

KeithB March 30, 2007

Users can obviously choose to go someplace else. But as Google also expands their advertising model (virtually their sole source of revenue; and ironically something that has zero to do with organizing the world’s information, their company’s official mission) into other areas far beyond search (they’re now the largest ad network on the planet and rapidly growing larger) they’re financially MUCH more insulated from a drop in their primary user audience than they were a few years ago. Like a good stock portfolio (or a proper web portal) they’re increasingly well-diversified.

You’re right though that the biggest current threat to Google isn’t another business but the users themselves. I HOPE some other businesses can continue to challenge them (competition is good) but the biggest potential threat to Google on the broadest level would be a user backlash due to privacy concerns.

By the way, mad props to Google for hosting our blog. 😉

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