Unsigned Band To Hit UK Charts With Phone Downloads

By January 19, 2007

The introduction of new rules that govern the UK music charts means that downloads are now counted alongside record sales. One band that is taking advantage of this new system is Koopa, an unsigned British band which is expected to hit the Top 40 charts when they’re announced on Sunday. The BBC says:
“Koopa, from Colchester, have been together for seven years in various forms and have built up a fanbase on the internet and on the live circuit. They have played almost 500 gigs in the past three years, including a headline show at the Mean Fiddler in London last summer. The bulk of Koopa’s followers are teenagers who are buying the single using a mobile phone rather than an online store, Mr Raymond [the band’s manager] believes. It costs £1.50 to send a text message and receive a code to download the song on a computer.”
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