Nike Lets Users Remix Spot

By January 23, 2007

Nike is inviting users to create their own videos with snippets of its new TV spot touting its Air Force 25 sneaker line. Visitors to will be able to choose from numerous one-to-three second snippets and different soundtracks to create their own commercials, up to one minute in length. All videos close with “The second coming” Air Force 25 tagline and the Nike swoosh logo. The videos can be downloaded, e-mailed to friends or even sent via cell phone. Nike is keeping a tight rein on the videos created, not giving users the ability to add their own footage, text or music.

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mmccay February 19, 2007

The most interesting part is the fact they have not taken advantage of a YouTube crazed market, and either posted the video mash-ups users created to their own site, or actually posted them straight to YouTube. Seems like a really really cool idea, that fell just short. Non the less a great execution and user experience.

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