Marketing Wisdom for 2007

By January 10, 2007

MarketingSherpa has just released their 2007 Wisdom Report. The fifth annual volume features 110 real-life stories and tips from marketers just like you. Hundreds of readers contributed stories covering a wide range of marketing issues: blocked images, traditional DM and pay per click. Even podcasting, mobile, word of mouth, video and social networking made it into the mix this year. Tad Clark, Editorial Director for MarketingSherpa says, “As I was looking through the entries, similar themes kept reappearing.” They were:

Trend #1. Simple ideas bring big returns. Adding an “Access Your Account” link to a weekly email yielded twice the revenue per visit from those who entered the site from the link.

Trend #2. Emergence of social networks. A pasta company gets word-of-mouth buzz from a coupon and sampling kit.

Trend #3. Don’t lose the personal touch. One B2B marketer uses video calling cards to open the door to new clients because of the familiarity they bring.

The cases are all very short, typically one paragraph, but have enough detail to make a clear point. Visit the download page (with access to past years’ Wisdom) or go straight to the PDF. Then grab your laptop, a cup of java and become a more inspired and knowledgeable marketer in 2007.

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