If You Build It They Will Come

By January 25, 2007

Our Mission here at Luckie is “Earl.” A guy that swats away all the junk advertising that overwhelms us everyday in the form of commercials, radio spots, banner ads and web sites. As marketers we set out on a mission to get past “Earl” and reach the consumer, and we even come up with cool new names for these techniques, like “New Media” or “Viral”.

But at the end of the day if you build a product that is good then people will come. For example Flickr took a simple idea of photography and built a clean easy to use GUI that members can use to share, organize and store photographs.

One thing I have loved about Flickr is the lack of advertisement. I pay a small monthly fee and do not ever have to worry about breaking out good old Earl. Then one day I stumbled on the camera section of the site. A section dedicated to showing the various cameras used to take photos on the site. The page was simple, clean, with products and some basic trend charting. I can find information I want quickly and it is presented in a clean attractive way. The only thing different this time around was I clicked on the sponsored link that Nokia (At the time I was viewing it) had paid for. It was not a banner that took over my screen or made me catch a moving spider or even a dancing man trying to sell me a mortgage. It was a nice large image with important information and a simple HTML link.

Earl is getting better and better at his job, and sometimes I think we tend to try so hard to attack him, instead of taking the easy road and just going around them. Nokia got me to click on a sponsored link (which I basically never do), and it was not with over the top ads, animation or by taking over my entire page. All they had to do was present information, in such an obvious way that I was willing to find out more.

Now is this the solution for everyone…absolutely not. But the theory stays the same. Flickr has built a great product and the users came…oh and so did the sponsors.

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Bright White February 2, 2007

Good point. Simplicity can never be overrated. Glad to see you’ve embraced your inner Earl.

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