Agency of the Year

By January 8, 2007

Jim Nail has an interesting analysis of Ag Age’s Agency of the Year in his post Ad Age misses the point of consumer control. I think Jim is on the right track, although a counter-response posted by Peter Kim also has some good points (and information about picking Kryptonite locks with a Bic pen — who knew).

As we work to embrace New Marketing, it’s important to remember that the idea isn’t just to get our consumers and the general public to do our work for us. Instead the idea is to involve them in the process. This means asking for their opinions and ideas and then listening to what they have to say and acting on it. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Credit goes to Jaffe Juice for bringing this article to my attention. Apparently the Schablog isn’t large enough draw for Jim to contact us directly as he did Joseph Jaffe.

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Joseph Jaffe January 8, 2007

That’s only because you haven’t launched your blog yet 🙂

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