Usability on the web is a sham

By December 13, 2006

When I saw the title, I knew I would have to post it even before I read the article, even if just to incite Matt. The post is a little light on meat, but worth a quick read. Probably the most relevant quote is:

“Usability on the web” has come to mean usability in a web browser, but increasingly we’re accessing the web outside the browser.

Usability on the web is a sham by ZDNet‘s Ryan Stewart — While accessibility and standards are great for the web, the concept of usability has been overblown. “Usability” as we define it is basically the rules for how the web should behave while in the confines of the web browser. But web applications don’t have to exist inside the browser and relegating them to these antiquated notions of usability is bad for progress.

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