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By December 15, 2006

Exploring the iLike site that Jonathan sent around yesterday got me to thinking about other topics that could benefit from Social Media. Anyone who has known me for a while should be aware of my fondness of wish lists and being the holiday season, the topic seemed even more timely. I got to thinking about what an ideal use of social media a wish list really is. Make a list of the items you would like for your birthday/Christmas/etc. and allow people to review and comment on them. You would also be able to view other people that want the similar items and get new ideas. It would actually work very much like the iLike site, even with the opportunity to link directly to Web sites that sell these items.

Of course, I have many wish lists online, including my B&H Wish List and my Amazon Wish List from back in the CD-Now days before they were acquired by Amazon. There was a Babies-R-Us list (also on Amazon) for my [now 4-year-old] son and, of course, the out-of-this-world wish list on my personal Web site, not to mention the bridal registry that will surely be online soon. But each of those are for a specific purpose and none of them really offer the kind of social experience I was thinking of.

I really thought I was on to something here, so I thought I would Google it and see what I could find. Turns out there is a Web site called Kaboodle that does just that. Started in October of 2005, it claims to be a free social bookmarking service, but the Wish List examples that I found are pretty much exactly what I envisioned for a Social Media Wish List.

Kaboodle would seem to dovetail very nicely with Yahoo!’s and offerings. An acquisition of iLike and Kaboodle could help round out the offering for a full-scale social media platform. While they have the Launch product for music, I haven’t seen the social aspect that iLike has. As outlined in the infamous Peanut Butter Manifesto, the transformation has begun. For example, these individual Yahoo properties are shifting to the unified Yahoo sign-in. They are already starting to incorporate Flickr and Yahoo! Local with Yahoo! 360. Each property needs to stay independent, but at the same time there needs to be integration and unification in the back-end of each of these sites. It would be nice to be able to automatically pull your links, your iLike music playlists or the Kaboodle wish list into your Yahoo! 360 page and create the ultimate page about YOU, completely interconnected with all your friends on your Yahoo! IM Buddy List. Better yet, imagine if you could access your images, your links, your events and your wish lists along with maps and local listings from a single API. The Mash-ups that could come from that combination are mind boggling.

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