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By December 22, 2006

Not much to blog about here, but found this at Jaffe Juice, and thought it was a very cool read, and related to what we are trying to do in the marketing world. Also if you have never read Jaffe Juice, it is a very worthwhile blog to subscribe to.


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Paul Kemp-Robertson January 3, 2007

Greetings from London!
Thanks for picking up on our ‘Most Contagious/2006’ review – glad you like it.
Can I just point out that it was created by Contagious – a UK-based intelligence resource for the global marketing community. Our friend and contributor Joseph Jaffe kindly posted s link on his blog, but the credit rests with my hard working young team here at
Best regards
Paul Kemp-Robertson

Scott Schablow January 3, 2007

Paul, Thanks so much for your clarification. Your talented team not only deserves credit and recognition for their excellent work, but kudos from marketers around the world. This is an exellent report. Now, if I can just get my boss to spring for a subscription to Contagious Magazine!

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