By December 15, 2006

After discovering the iLike and Kaboodle Web sites discussed blow, I added both to my I found it interesting that 1234 people had bookmarked Kaboodle while only 427 had bookmarked iLike. Of course it’s reasonable, since iLike is considerably newer. Even so, I think there is some interesting insight to be found in the number of people who bookmark a site and when they do it. Each time I add a page to my I check to see how many other people have added it. It’s often interesting to see if I’m the first user to “discover” a site or if the site is much more popular that I might have thought.

This got me to thinking about using as a metric of a site’s popularity. While you can already look at the raw number of bookmarks a URL had, as well as seeing when it was bookmarked(grouped by month), it would be interesting to see a graph of the bookmarks per month over time to see if a URL’s del.i ( index) is rising or falling and even graph it against other sites. You could use it to track the effectiveness of various marketing by looking for a correlated spike in the del.i, much in the same way Technorati does with their Mentions by Day buzz graph or Google Trends. I suspect will need a larger and broader user base before a tool like that can be effective and relevant, but I still think it’s an interesting concept.

Maybe the real idea is a scoring system that takes each of these items, along with information from sources like Hitwise and Google PageRank to create an overall index for a URL or a search term.

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