Most Viral Video of all Time

By November 30, 2006

I read this article (linked above) and I thought about everyone’s obsession of doing something ‘Viral.’ The article is proof that viral is not planned. Viral is not thought up in a conference room somewhere. Viral is just a natural spontaneous occurrence.

It is like trying to recreate a spontaneous moment so that you can take a picture of it. 99.9% of the time you will never get the results that you wanted.

This is not to say that I don’t think great ideas on the edge of this new media world cannot become ‘Viral. My point is, if you are sitting in a room saying we need to do something viral, you are most likely setting yourself up for failure.

Break down walls with great ideas and let the chips fall where they may. Ask Danny DeVito and he’d probably tell you that it’s not always the best thing to be the most downloaded video on YouTube.

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