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By October 23, 2006

In this morning’s ZDNet Tech Update there was an interesting article about Google’s future. It think it’s worth a read for the search engine folks.

Google is NOT invincible: five reasons why

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Scott Schablow October 24, 2006

Good Post. The larger they grow, the more vulnerable they become.

KeithB October 24, 2006

Google definitely isn’t perfect. However, they have perfected the PR art of regularly releasing ‘new’ products to help keep investors happy though. Pretty much like clockwork, they’ll release a new product like GoogleBase, Gtalk, Analytics, etc at regular intervals. Each one gets a lot of press, the stock price goes up and everyone’s happy. Some of those products go on to do well. Others wither on the vine and don’t really see any significant growth. But before anybody notices a new product is released and all is good again.

They’re definitely getting to the size now where many companies start to become ‘hated’ simply for the fact that they’re big. But Google’s brand still holds a generally very positive overall position. People still generally trust Google.

I think the biggest hurdle in the near future is going to be in the international market. In many international markets, they’re nowhere remotely as strong as they are here. And their main selling point(their search engine) is no longer leaps and bounds ahead of the competition like it was 5-6 years ago – when they did have a notable step up on the competition. Now they’re trying to enter markets where the competition already has search technology every bit as strong as them . . . and with a more familiar face to boot. That’s a much tougher sell.

From an advertising standpoint, I love their services. Ironically, this is where I think Google has been the most innovative. The vast majority of their other products are simply derivative or straight-up acquisitions. Search technology. Maps. GoogleEarth. Email. Blogs. Analytics. Etc. All things a good portal needs, but nothing totally revolutionary either. Taking the search advertising mode and expanding it across content sites in a manner beneficial to both advertisers and publishers was absolutely brilliant. But as the article pointed out, from a pricing standpoint, I think competition would serve us all best in the long-run.

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