Goodby, Silverstein Transformed–Can Luckie do the Same?

By October 17, 2006

Digital Agency of the Year: Goodby, Silverstein
Hot San Francisco Shop Rides the Revolution

Goodby, Silverstein transformed from a declining TV powerhouse to become the Digital Agency of the Year.

How did they get there? They took away media-based silos and ramped up interactive resources — really ramped them up. In just a year, Goodby has gone from devoting 20% of its manpower and content investment in interactive work to spending about 60% in the area. And it changed how it operates. “We’ve always been considered a conservative company,” Mr. Silverstein says. “But a year ago, we made the decision to create a very different agency and to get rid of titles that restricted talent to a particular role.” PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE STORY

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