Branding via Keywords?

By October 23, 2006

Is it possible to create brand appeal through keywords? Can a brand be enhanced using search ads?

from Adweek – INPRINT…
Direct response marketers have long been in love with search ads and their ability to reach users already on the hunt for specific goods and services. Now, some advertisers are taking a broader view of search, buying terms they want consumers to associate with their brands, even though the searchers clearly aren’t hunting for their products.

Honda has bought thousands of such keywords as part of a new campaign for its CRV. While it continues to buy auto terms as well, the carmaker is acquiring keywords related to its new “Crave” theme, like “chocolate,” “banana splits” and “celebrity gossip,” all designed to bring searchers to a community Web site Honda created for users to collect and share craves. RPA, Honda’s agency, mined data from tools like Yahoo’s Buzz Index to select terms that are not just crave-related, but also skewed to a main CR-V target audience: young women. In a month, the search ads have drawn over 500,000 people to the site.

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Scott Schablow October 24, 2006

This is a good example of creativity in action. It would be interesting to see if those who clicked on the keywords continued through the site or left the site thinking they were going to a related site. I wonder how much they spent to attract 500,000 users to the site.

KeithB October 24, 2006

Somehow I get the impression Honda could afford it. 😉

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