Advertising isn’t always the answer

By September 22, 2006

A new breed of agencies is advising clients about solutions to business challenges that may or may not involve advertising. While some of these new-era agencies are tying their fortunes to the success of their clients, most old-line agencies are still grappling with the problem of how to get paid for their ideas, rather than for their time or by the size of their clients’ media buys. THIS IS A MUST-READ ARTICLE!! The Washington Post

My favorite quote from the article:
The premise is simple: If you go to a coal company looking for an energy supply, you’ll get coal as the recommended solution. It’s the same with most advertising agencies, which rarely meet a marketing problem that cannot be solved or a sales goal that cannot be met by a TV and radio campaign supported by direct marketing, some pop-up ads on Web sites and a bit of public relations. It’s what they do, the way they are organized and how they make their money.

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