Humanizing Chemicals?

By August 16, 2006

From AdRants:
Dow Campaign Creates New Chemical Element

While watching this :90 spot, part of a new brand campaign from Dow Chemical created by FCB Chicago, we are reminded of the unfortunate mindset that invades large companies which do so many things it becomes impossible even to remotely explain what the company actually does do. We saw this to a certain degree in the latest GE campaign and now we are witnessing it in this latest campaign from Dow Chemical. For an agonizing 89 seconds, we are subjected to meaningless fluffery and puffery, written as if the copywriter was in the midst of an epiphany with God, which somehow ties Dow to a missing chemical element, the Human Element. Then again, what else can you say about a company that does everything? The Web interface is a wall of faces and is kind of neat. The payoff isn’t there though. Just look at a couple and you’ll know what I mean (or be as confused as I was).

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Evan R. Keller August 17, 2006

After playing with it for a few minutes, I figured something out that made it slightly less confusing. The problem is that of the several hundred pictures, there or only three videos. So as you click around, you get a video you’ve already seen, causing confusion. It would be been more impressive if they had content for each picture. Even if there were half as few pictures and many (most) only had a static image with a quote, I think the entire thing would have been better. I’m not sure it was a solid concept to begin with, and the poor execution didn’t help.

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