Proof of Concept: Tag Cloud Explorer

By July 27, 2006

While driving home this evening I began thinking about ways to take the keywords used on the Conservation site to create a Tag Cloud. I decided it wouldn’t really be that hard at all. When I got home, I started working on it and within an hour or so I have a basic cloud. Then I took is a step further and created a Tag Cloud Explorer. The example can be view at Tomorrow I may move it to the production server where it should have access to a larger number of keywords.

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Scott Schablow July 28, 2006

Really NEAT Stuff. The WHEELS Are turning in my HEAD on all the DIFFERENT ways that THIS could be APPLIED.

mmccay July 28, 2006

My question and concern are this. The idea of “clusters” or the sub links are cool, but at what level does it stop…the nice part the flickr pulls off is each search, returns the cluster as well as search results instead of just another cluster. We would have to work out the usability issues. Also i know what you are saying about keywords = tags…but after thinking about it I think you are partially right. Keywords once again can slant to the marketing side…my point in the tags is not to slant towards marketing…we already do that on the site by requirement…but more to slant to the user and user driving the experience. So I would be cautious of using our predefined search keywords and would study what the user is searching for to make their life easier, hence why I suggested looking at the Google Mini. Either way i think if we can come up with the correct implementation I think this can become a powerful first step into Web 2.0, which is the user defining the experience.

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