IMPORTANT READ: What business are you in? It’s not advertising!

By July 28, 2006

Companies are moving beyond mass, media-centric solutions, and agencies need to catch up

Time after time, surveys of the marketing community show that what companies want most from their agencies is deep understanding of their businesses and proactive ideas to build their brands. Yet agencies are set up to do something else: produce and distribute advertising. So agencies have no time to study their clients’ business. No process for developing business-building ideas. No structure for implementing business-building ideas. And no system for getting paid for them. Ultimately, agencies have lost sight of the real value they provide to their marketers. They need to redefine what business they’re in (because the answer isn’t “advertising”). The mission of the advertising agency can no longer be to create mass, media-centric solutions for marketers who are increasingly dependent on other factors for brand success. This plays out in a number of ways: (PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE)

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