Hitwise Launches New Competitive Conversions Reports

By July 31, 2006

Hitwise has announced the launch of Hitwise Conversions. Hitwise Conversions is a new custom reporting capability that provides clients with insight into how online users navigate within specific sections of competitive websites.

Hitwise Conversions can be customized to meet the needs of marketers, reporting on a range of data points such as promotional pages, shopping cart activity, registration page completion, loan application submissions, auction bids and user interaction within a specific channel of a site. This flexibility allows clients to understand consumer preferences and purchase behavior on competitive websites.

According to Stuart Parish, Marketing Manager for Travelocity UK, “Hitwise Conversions provides an added layer of insight which allows us to determine how we compete against key competitors in specific product areas. Hitwise Conversions is an important input for us to understand how certain product searches convert for our competitors’ websites.”

In addition, Hitwise Conversions will enable marketers to gauge the success of various traffic generation strategies, by reporting on which specific search terms, demographic profiles and traffic from upstream websites have led to the highest conversion rates on a competitor’s website.

“Hitwise Conversions offers our clients a deeper view into competitive online marketing activities. This new capability has already benefited our clients as they monitor competitor promotions, product offerings and customer engagement strategies,” said Chris Maher, EVP of Global Sales of Hitwise. “We can identify the key traffic drivers to a website that lead to conversions, including search terms. For example, we can identify a keyword that leads to a hotel or flight booking online to a travel site. Hitwise Conversions brings a whole new level of informed online marketing strategy to clients.”

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