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By July 27, 2006

BellSouth Buzz
With some of our recent business efforts, we have talked a good bit about the new field of “buzz tracking”. While exploring the Technorati site, I came across a tool that falls right in line with that service. They have a tool that charts the number of mentions of a term on in the blogosphere by date.

Attached is an image for BellSouth’s “Buzz.” Note the spikes which most likely correspond to announcements related to the merger. Even more information can be found on the results page.

This leads me to another idea… What about correlating a companies’ “buzz” with its stock price and using the information to assist with investing? Now if I could just display all the information in a giant cloud. Hum…

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Scott Schablow July 27, 2006

a giant cloud and predictive modeling so you’d know before the stock price moves and invest accordingly. 🙂

KeithB July 27, 2006

Another good site for general trend tracking.

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